Creative photography honoured with two GOLD awards

Wow – quite a month with awards because we achieved our highest ever honours for our creative photography.  All three images entered received an award from the Guild of Photographers ( Two of the creative images won the highly coveted GOLD award.

About the powder images

This month we were playing around with creative photography for some cosmetic shots, and wanted something with a ‘wow’ factor. The two powder shots were at one level quite simple and, at another, quite technical and tricky.

Firstly, we need to get everything in sharp focus. The way the camera works, it needs more light to keep the whole image in focus. For static shots, a technique called ‘focus stacking’ can be used to combine multiple images and give sharpness throughout the image. However, with these highly dynamic images there was no opportunity for this – we needed a fast light pulse (less than 1/5000sec) to freeze the motion. Luckily, we have specialist lights bought from the USA that give us the ability to freeze motion – as far as we know there are only a couple of other UK-based photographers using these lights.

Anyway, once the shot was set up and all the technical stuff dealt with, the fun began. Although we have high-precision infra-red and laser equipment to automate shots like this, we didn’t use it this time. This was just an exercise in hand / eye co-ordination as we flicked the brush with one hand and fired the camera with the other.

The powder explosion is very ‘on trend’ and is being used as a backdrop for many high-end advertising shots. You could imaging this in your corporate colours adding dynamism and impact to your next marketing campaign.

The lighter image

Also this month we created a low-key image of the good old Zippo lighter. This was shot on a metal background with a very similar brushed texture to the lighter itself. It was lit with a single studio light, using a technique called ‘darkfield lighting’ that created the very nice rim light that separates the lighter from its (very similar) background.

About the awards

The Guild defines their ‘Bronze’ award as ‘Images of a strong standard at a national competition level’. There are over 1000 entries into the competition each month. Only a small percentage of the images entered get an award of any level because standards are so high. To achieve this award endorses out liquid photography skills. As a result, we’re very proud!

About us

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While we love winning awards, most of all we love helping customers succeed. Can we help you with some high quality commercial photography for your marketing campaign? You can contact us here