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FAQs | MarketingShotz
How should I prepare items to be photographed?2017-03-14T11:27:15+00:00

The items should be new and unused wherever possible. Please pay attention to marks, dust and fingerprints when packing. Please also select items where the labels are correctly applied and legible. You may also want to think about using labels that show generic part numbers (to cover a range of products) and not including manufacturing date codes or other information that will ‘date’ the images on your website. Generally, the cleaner and better the product looks, the less retouching time needed.

How do you clean products before shooting?2017-03-07T17:15:25+00:00

We always allow up to 5 minutes to clean a product. We use a variety of techniques / materials – especially compressed air and / or methylated spirits. If there is anything we should not use on your products, please let us know at the briefing stage.

Can I sit in on the shoot?2017-03-07T17:14:49+00:00

Yes you can. Just let us know that this is something that you want to do and we’ll make the arrangements with you. You can ‘just watch’ if you like, or give input / ‘art direct’ as needed. As shooting at a fixed time removes some flexibility, we do make a small charge for this – but you can offset that by saving on shipping charges! Our studio can really only accommodate two visitors at a time. Also, it is very much a working environment – it’s not ‘posh’ but it’s functional – and has plenty of coffee, tea and other refreshments. We’re also experimenting with ‘virtual sit-ins’ where we share our screen with you so you can ‘sit-in’ from the comfort of your office.

Can I specify how my products are arranged?2017-03-14T11:27:43+00:00

Absolutely. You can send us a description, drawing, or reference other examples. Simply include any details that you require. We can either follow the instructions exactly or rely on our years of experience to arrange items artistically within your briefing.

Can you replicate a shot from months before?2017-03-14T11:27:55+00:00

Yes we can, provided that we know at the time of the original shoot. Often clients want products shot as a consistent angle so that brochures / web pages are consistent. We would document the camera, product and lighting positions accurately and store these away for future shoots. There is a small charge for the time taken to measure everything accurately.

What are my options for a background, other than white?2017-03-07T17:11:45+00:00

Almost infinite – really! For the most simple ‘packshots’ for e-commerce / web use a white background is most often used. White gives the option of including shadows or reflections if desired. On any colour except pure white or black, shadows will be included. Colour choices are very subjective and may need to fit in with previous work, or your corporate colours. For simple solid colours we can normally get very close in camera and then tweak the colour in post-production if needed. We keep several colours in stock for use and can source others. This is not limited to table-top, we can shoot anything that fits in the studio on a single solid colour. We consider many shoots on a solid colour to be a simple ‘packshot’ and charge as such. We can create / source any background you wish or, alternatively, the product can be shot on white and then cut-out and dropped onto any background you like (or several!). We also have a stock of other materials (slate, wood, stones, materials etc) that we can use. Please call us to discuss options.

Why use tabletop photography?2017-03-14T11:28:44+00:00

Tabletop product photography refers to a typically simplistic approach and often consists of a basic product shot, set on a plain background. This sort of photography is one of our most efficient as well as affordable options and is ideal for a large quantity of products. Those of our clients who are working with a tight budget but need hundreds of images (for example, to fill an entire online catalog) may find that tabletop photography is the most appropriate option.

Why use on-model photography?2017-03-14T11:28:52+00:00

Working with models is one of our photo studio’s specialties. Many of our clients who are seeking clothing or accessory photography prefer the appearance and effect of on-model images. This type of photography is effective in displaying size, proportion, and fit of wearable products. Call our studio to find out more about on-model product photography.

What is a shoot list? Do I need one?2017-03-14T11:29:02+00:00

A shoot list is a concise list of the products that you wish to have us photograph. It can be as simple as a description of what items are to be shot single or to be grouped. Key elements are:

  • item number or product name
  • grouping
  • special concerns or details to show
  • naming convention for your files

Please have an item number on each product so that we can correlate with your shoot list. We can also name your files with your item number so there is consistency for e-commerce and tracking.

Can I have a custom surface or props added in my photos?2017-03-07T17:07:21+00:00

Yes you can. Often the prop or texture adds a lot to the image and helps the viewer understand the properties you are trying to convey. This would be considered a custom shoot, but please contact us to discuss details.

Can you name the files the way I want?2017-03-14T11:29:13+00:00

Absolutely. Just let us know what you need before the shoot starts. If nothing is specified then the files will be named YYMMDD – MarketingShotz – [CLIENT NAME] – [SEQUENCE]

What equipment do you use?2017-03-07T17:05:49+00:00

In order to maintain the utmost quality, we use exclusively state-of-the-art high end equipment. Our cameras are Hasselblad medium format, which allows for beautiful images that can be printed at large sizes for exhibition booths or similar. We are the only studio that we know of that uses high-speed lights sourced specially from the USA to allow us to freeze motion for liquid splash shots. They also give incredible colour consistency. Images are edited on high-end Macs using a fully colour-calibrated workflow and the very latest versions of Adobe software. All our clients need to know that we have the best tools for the job – and the know-how to use them properly.

How do I view my proof images?2017-03-07T17:04:56+00:00

We will email you a link to an online Dropbox folder which will be private to you (you’re welcome to share it with colleagues if you wish). These images will be low resolution and watermarked, and are only for you to be able to confirm that we have met the brief.

How do we receive our images?2017-03-07T17:04:20+00:00

We normally use Dropbox to transfer files. We find that this is secure and also allows for fast download and easy sharing with others. If you prefer not to use Dropbox then we can arrange transfer via FTP or other methods, but this may incur a small charge. The images stay online for a week, allowing you plenty of time to save them to your server or computer.

Will the images be watermarked?2017-03-07T17:03:41+00:00

The proof images will contain a watermark but the final images will be completely watermark free (unless you ask us to add your logo or message to them on your behalf)

Can I change my mind after seeing the proofs?2017-03-07T17:02:53+00:00

If you think there is a chance you may want to change your mind, then the best thing is for us to do a few shots and send you some working proofs. You can then request changes or allow us to complete the shoot. We’ll need a quick response from you so that we can complete your shoot on time. Any subsequent changes to the brief will incur additional charges as it will mean we have to completely re-shoot some, or all, images.

Can I have a disc of my images?2017-03-07T17:01:48+00:00

Yes, you can. We used to do this as standard but as online services are so good, very few people request it. We can provide images on DVD but there will be a small, per DVD charge – plus postage.

What if I need an image to be re-shot?2017-03-07T17:01:04+00:00

If there is something you notice at the proofing stage (or before) where we have not fulfilled the brief, then we will reshoot promptly and without charge. If you have changed your mind, or had a new idea, or already signed off the proofs then, unfortunately, we will need to charge for a new shoot.

What licence / rights do I get with the images?2017-03-07T16:59:31+00:00

You will receive an ‘all usage globally, for all time’ licence. Basically you can the images as you wish, wherever you wish, for as long as you wish, as many times as you wish. You can edit / change them as you see fit. The only stipulation is that you cannot re-sell the images either yourself or via an agency. The licence is transferred via Dropbox with the final images. It can only be revoked if payment is not received on time, in full.

Who owns the copyright to the images?2017-03-07T16:58:55+00:00

The creator of the image (ie the photographer / us) are automatically the copyright owner for all images we create – including any we shoot for you. We normally retain copyright (as do almost all photographers), along with a right to show the image to promote ourselves (and we often promote our clients too – on social media). If you don’t want us to post the images, please tell us. We are willing to discuss a full copyright buyout, but there is very little point for the client to do this as there are no restrictions on usage, other than we don’t allow direct image resale.

How soon after the shoot can I see the proofs?2017-03-07T16:57:27+00:00

To an extent this will depend on the number of products photographed / images created. You will normally receive all images within 48 hours of the shoot. In the case of large volume shoots (>100 products) we will normally send the proofs over in stages as we work our way through the edits. If for any reason we cannot meet the 48 hour commitment, we will discuss with you as soon as possible but, in all cases, before the deadline is due.

Are my images saved on your server?2017-03-07T16:56:47+00:00

Yes, we will save your final images on our server for a period of one year from the shoot date. These will be backed up regularly as part of our extensive backup routines. At any point during the year the images may be archived which will mean that there will be a small charge to retrieve them from archive and supply copies to you. This should not be necessary unless you have had a major computer problem yourself.

(How) Will you return my products?2017-03-07T16:56:01+00:00

By whatever method you requested when you placed the order. The most efficient method is for you to include a pre-paid return label when you ship the products to us. Alternatively, we can arrange for the items to be shipped back, either to meet a deadline or by the most economical method. The exact choice of service will be determined by the size and value of the products. We can also arrange for products to be disposed of after the shoot if you prefer. We do not normally retain products for clients unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Will you re-use my packaging to return my products?2017-03-07T16:55:16+00:00

Yes we will, if we can. We’ll open the packaging carefully and store it during the shoot. Provided the packaging will adequately protect the returning products, we will use it. If not, then we will obtain additional packing materials and this cost will be passed along to the client.

Do I have to pay up front?2017-03-14T11:37:06+00:00

In general, no. Unless there are some large up-front expenses associated with the shoot (e.g. hire of a stately home!) or we have experienced difficulties in being paid in a timely manner in the past. We may request that non-UK customers pay in advance.

When do you require payment?2017-03-14T11:37:12+00:00

For non-account customers we require payment after the proofs are approved by the client, and before the final images are released.

What methods can we pay by?2017-03-14T11:37:19+00:00

Generally, we find that Paypal is the easiest, quickest and most convenient to everyone involved. Payment by online bank transfer is also fine. We do not accept cheques and we have no on-site credit card acceptance terminal as we are almost never asked for this. We can accept cash (Sterling only).

Do your prices include VAT?2017-03-14T11:37:25+00:00

Prices shown will have VAT added at the prevailing rate, currently 20%.

Do you work with schools / colleges / government authorities?2017-03-14T11:29:47+00:00

Absolutely! We will supply UK-based Schools, Colleges, Universities, Museums, Art Galleries and Local Authorities. Please let us know the service you are interested in and we will send you a quote. We can also issue proforma invoices if you wish.

How should I describe what I want?2017-03-07T16:43:49+00:00

Many of our clients send us example images. These can be things you have done before or things you have seen online or elsewhere. Then just let us know what you would like us to do differently to give you some unique images. Feel free to create a collection on Pinterest and send us a link, or email the images. We can also work from detailed descriptions or layout sketches. We’ll always contact you before starting out to make sure we’ve understood correctly – and for larger jobs we can send you a couple of rapid proofs to confirm understanding before completing the job.

I’m not strong on the technical aspects – can you help?2017-03-07T16:43:02+00:00

Sure! That’s part of our job. You just need to know what you’re looking for and where you’re planning on using the images. Then give us a call for a jargon-free discussion.

How do I ship my products to you?2017-03-07T16:42:23+00:00

By whatever method you prefer. Most products can be send via post or one of the many delivery services – or you can use a courier for particularly fragile or time-sensitive items. We will always let you know they have got here safely. If you’re fairly local, we’re happy to collect small / medium sized items.

Can you recommend / source models?2017-03-07T16:41:41+00:00

Yes we can. We’ve had a lot of experience in working with models and have good contacts. We can make final selections on your behalf, or involve you in the process as you wish. We can also hire makeup artists, hair stylists and other stylists if the scale or complexity of the shoot dictates. Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Can I drop off / collect my items in person?2017-03-14T11:29:59+00:00

Yes you can! It’s always great to meet our clients in person. Please just make arrangements with us beforehand so we can make sure that we’re available and free to meet with you.

What other charges do you have?2017-03-07T16:39:47+00:00

All our standard charges are on our pricing page. This should cover most work that we do – there may occasionally be other things we need to charge for on custom jobs but, be assured, once we have a full brief, you will receive a fixed quote before engaging us. If you have any specific questions please fill in a quote request form or just give us a call.

Can you photograph my items on / with a model?2017-03-07T16:38:40+00:00

Yes we can. Unlike many product photographers we have both the experience and facilities to allow us to do this. We’ve actually won several awards for our model photography over the years. Some designers like to model their own creations – that’s fine with us! Feel free to contact us to discuss specifics.

What are your business hours?2017-03-07T16:37:56+00:00

We say 9AM-6PM each day, but often we’re working earlier or later to fit things in. We’re very flexible and can work evenings and weekends to suit you – for example, if you want on site shots when the building is unoccupied. We’ve even pulled the odd ‘all-nighter’ to help clients out!

How do I contact you?2017-03-14T11:30:27+00:00

Our contact page has all the details. Phone, email, text message, web form, facebook page – however you prefer. We’re always monitoring these during normal working hours and you will normally get a same-day response – often within an hour or two.

I need something a bit different. Can you quote a custom job?2017-03-07T16:36:03+00:00

Yes we can – we love custom, creative stuff. In fact, more than half of the work we do is ‘custom’. You can either email us or just give us a call to chat it over.

Can you come to us / meet us at a location?2017-03-14T11:30:47+00:00

Absolutely! If you can’t / don’t want to send your products – or you want them shot in another environment, we can come to you. We have fully mobile studio equipment, with battery power so we can even work ‘off the grid’. Please call us to discuss the options.

What if my products require assembly before shooting?2017-03-07T16:34:23+00:00

We allow for minor assembly and cleaning. If your product(s) require extensive assembly, ironing, steaming or major cleaning, there would be an additional charge.

What do you mean by ‘single item’ and ‘group’ shots?2017-03-07T16:33:28+00:00

A single item is one product that is “one” element. However, if a single item product has multiple pieces or attachments that you request to be included in the same shot, this would be classified as a group shot. Also: If you have a product that you request to have a front and back view, for example, this would account for two shots. A “small group” is a 2-3 item composition and a “large group” is a 4-6 item composition. For larger group shots beyond 6 elements or items, please inquire. An example of a small group is a toy car, charger and battery all included in the same shot.

What type of products do you photograph?2017-03-07T16:32:31+00:00

Take a look at our portfolio – that will give you some idea. In general, if you can ship it to us, we can shoot it. We can easily handle anything from a single screw up to a motorbike. If it can fit through a normal doorway and be moved by two people, we can generally shoot it in the studio. If we’re shooting outdoors, then there really are very few limits. No matter how complex your product is, we can find a solution. We have engineering degrees, we love technical stuff. If you’re unsure as to whether something would suit our style or skill set, please just give us a call.

Do I need to be close to be a client?2017-03-14T11:30:57+00:00

Not at all. 99% of items we shoot are shipped to / from us and images are delivered via the web. We can work with you wherever you are.

What is your turnaround time?2017-03-14T11:31:06+00:00

We normally schedule shoots ahead of time with our clients, bearing in mind any deadlines you may have. If we have not planned ahead then 5-7 working days is typical, but we can respond very quickly in emergencies. If delivery time is critical to you, please call us and we’ll do our best to fit you in on the timescale you need.

Why should I hire a professional? It looks easy…2017-03-14T11:31:16+00:00

Visit your favorite brand’s website, or peruse its catalog. Chances are, you will find an abundance of professional product photography. If you do happen to come across an image that was not shot by a professional, the photograph will most likely stand out, not for its excellence. Polished product photography is a pertinent factor in reaching a product’s full sales potential. If it weren’t such an important detail, most businesses would save their money and snap some pictures with an automatic point-and-shoot camera. Before you decide against hiring a professional, consider this: our consumer world is driven by visual communication; people respond psychologically and emotionally to imagery. A professional product photograph is far more than just a pretty picture of a consumable item; this kind of photograph is truly focused on speaking to your product’s market. Hiring a qualified professional photographer is the first step to successfully selling your product.

I have an emergency – can you help?2017-03-14T11:31:25+00:00

Almost certainly, YES. Please just call us right now and if we can possibly squeeze you in we will. We’re not constrained to 9-5 and can work evenings and weekends if needs be. Many of our best clients came to us in difficult situations and were pleased with how we helped them out, so they became long-term clients.

How much does product photography cost?2017-03-14T11:31:38+00:00

We try to be clear on pricing. We’ve posted a price guide for the very standard work that we do. Inevitably (and understandably) many clients want something a little bit different. We’re very happy to accommodate that and provide a fixed, no-obligation, quote before you commit to us shooting your products.

Do you guarantee my satisfaction?2017-03-07T16:20:04+00:00

Yes. We guarantee all of our clients 100% satisfaction on all orders. If you are not completely satisfied for good reason and we are unable to make corrections to your satisfaction, you will not be invoiced. No files will be delivered, and there will be no charges to you except return shipping costs.

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