Simple steps to stunning photography

If you’re new to using professional photography companies, or maybe just new to using our streamlined process, this overview will show you the simple steps to getting stunning creative images of your products.

Request Quote: Firstly, let us know what you’re looking for. You can give us a call to chat it over, or just pop us an email. Please be as specific as you can at this stage so that we can get you an accurate quote quickly.

Place Order: Once you receive the quote, please check it over and ensure that it meets your needs. We’ll be very happy to receive your purchase order and specific instructions for the shoot. We can email a checklist you can use as a checklist to make sure you have covered everything relevant

Ship Products: We’ll acknowledge your order along with an estimated time slot for the actual shoot. We’ll also confirm the exact studio address to ship the products to.

Photograph: Once the shoot date arrives, we’ll be busy in the studio creating the images of your products and then polishing them to be the best they can be in our post-processing suite.

Approve Proofs: We’ll upload the proofs for you to review and approve and issue you with an invoice for the work carried out.

Pay Invoice: Please let us have approval of the proofs and, if you don’t have a credit account with us, pay the invoice.

Upload Final Images: Just as soon as we receive approval and payment, we’ll get the images uploaded to a folder for you to access them.

Return Products: Finally, we’ll get your products packaged carefully and available for collection – or drop them off at the shipping point and send you the tracking information.

Relax: That’s it – all done!