Awards for liquid photography

Recognition from fellow professionals is always very pleasing. One of our liquid photography images just received an award from the Guild of Photographers ( The judging team comprises long standing industry professionals with extensive judging experience.

About the image

A glass tumbler is dropped onto a solid base in this ‘liquid action’ image. As the tumbler hits the base, the liquid splashes and is frozen in time. While this shot might seem simple, it requires perfect timing and just a little luck!

Coloured food dye prepares the liquid to look good ‘in camera’. Because the liquid viscosity shapes the splash other additives can also be used. Precise timing is achieved by using an advanced triggering system that triggers the camera almost instantaneously. Using specialised flashes imported from the USA for the purpose, all movement is frozen with a flash duration of less than 1/5000 of a second. In addition, it is very important that all elements and sharp and the short flash duration achieves this.

Liquid photography is a specialist discipline and we are one of the few companies in the east midlands to win awards in this genre.

About the awards

The Guild defines their ‘Bronze’ award as ‘Images of a strong standard at a national competition level’. There are over 1000 entries into the competition each month. Only a small percentage of the images entered get an award of any level because standards are so high. To achieve this award endorses out liquid photography skills. As a result, we’re very proud!

About us

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