Product photographer wins award with cameras…

It seems that we’re on a roll, every month this year we have been fortunate enough to win an award for our photography. This month two of our commercial photography images received an award from the Guild of Photographers ( in their ‘Image of the Month’ competition. One happy product photographer here!

About the images

Both of the images were deliberately quite dark – this sets them apart from the commerce pack shots that we see everywhere on the Internet. While ‘product on white’ images describe products quickly and simply to prospective customers, sometimes more ‘depth’ is required. Many marketing areas including brochures,advertising and exhibition stands use the ‘deeper’ images.

All product photographers want to create quality images for clients. This is generally accomplished with careful positioning of the subject in the frame and then carefully lighting the object, one face at a time. Key features (such as the manufacturer’s logo) can easily be emphasised this way. Our award-winning images were created in-camera with very little post-processing. That means the job is quicker for us and, more importantly, cheaper for our clients. You should not be paying us to fix things in photoshop that we should have got right in-camera.

The cameras

On this occasion we photographed two cameras. The Mamiya Rz67 is a real classic – we still sometimes use it for client work. When coupled with a 50MP modern Hasselblad digital back, the image quality is incredible. It’s built like a tank – definitely a ‘studio only’ camera. The RZ67 is one of our favourite cameras of all time; a satisfying ‘clonk’ when you release the shutter is music to our ears.

The other small camera is one that we use to record lighting setups used for client work. This allows us to replicate the exact same shot in future when they come back to us.

About the awards

The Guild defines their ‘Bronze’ award as ‘Images of a strong standard at a national competition level’. There are over 1000 entries into the competition each month. Only a small percentage of the images entered get an award of any level. To achieve two awards in the same month is a strong endorsement of our quality, hence our delight!

About us

Our purpose-built studio is near Lincoln in the East Midlands, and we work with customers right across the UK because they ship products to us. If you would like us to come to you, we provide on-site services as far afield as Derby, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Scunthorpe, Sheffield and York.

While we love winning awards, most of all we love helping customers succeed. Can we help you with some high quality commercial photography for your marketing campaign? You can contact us here