Professional product photography Awards

Entering competitions is a another excellent way to benchmark your work. This month three of our professional product photography images received nationally recognised awards from the Guild of Photographers (

About the images

Colour is rather critical in fashion shots. We used a coloured gel to amplify the colour of the shoe. Doing this ‘in-camera’ ensures the ultimate quality, therefore no Photoshop ‘trickery’ used here! Quality packaging boxes were used as props to support the shoe at an attractive angle. They also ensure that the all-important manufacturer’s name is seen clearly.

However, the schnapps bottle image used Photoshop. We created an accurate circle of products from  a single high quality image of the bottle. The resulting high resolution image is pleasing to the eye and is suitable as a backdrop on an exhibition stand.

The image of the Calvin Klein aftershave won the highly coveted Gold award. The water droplets  give a clean and fresh feel to the image, while the dark feel exudes quality. You could imagine this image in an advertisement or on a brochure cover.

About the awards

The Guild defines their ‘Bronze’ award as ‘Images of a strong standard at a national competition level’. They say that ‘Gold’ means the ‘Image is of particular distinction (very rare)’. There are over 1000 entries into the competition each month. Only a small percentage of the images entered get an award of any level, less than 1% achieve Gold. To achieve three awards in the same month endorses out professional product photography, so we’re very proud!

About us – and our professional product photography

Our purpose-built studio is near Lincoln in the East Midlands. We work with customers right across the UK because they ship products to us. Alternatively, we can come to you. We provide on-site services as far afield as Derby, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Scunthorpe, Sheffield and York.

While we love winning awards, most of all we love helping customers succeed. Can we help you with some high quality commercial photography for your marketing campaign? You can contact us here